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HOW'S MY DRIVING?: If you have concerns about Han's characterization or development or any other constructive criticism, this is the place for it. Anonymous not preferred, only because I'd rather talk about concrete examples if you've got issues. I promise I don't bite <3

PLOTS, PERMISSIONS, OPT-OUTS & OTHER STUFF: Anything you need or want to hash out in advance, feel free to hit me up. Han has no special abilities to write home about and I'm well aware he'll get his ass handed to him in most fights, but if you're planning to seriously maim him or anything I'd rather we chat about it first.

I am basically always open for plotting ridiculous shenanigans so hit me up if you have an idea and need enabling.

FOURTH-WALLING: Since Star Wars is canonically referenced in so many other things I am well aware that your characters might know who Han is, and that's fine! Nods in narration don't bother me. Please do not have them bring it up to him in conversation, though, or spoil him on his own future, or lean too heavily on info-modding him because of it. People have generally been really great about this, but if you have questions on whether something crosses the line let me know.

other contact;
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Name: Han Solo
Canon: Star Wars
Canon Point: after being frozen in carbonite during The Empire Strikes Back.
Age: about thirty

History: that wasn't my fault!

I always shoot first & then ask for names )
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There is a reasonable chance of it being NSFW and junk. <3